iPad 3 Fail Fast, Fail Early?

Apple has released the latest version of the killer tablet.  iPad has all the things that I say make it the killer device

  • Great Hardware
  • Strong Ecosystem
  • Strong Developer support

So what are we getting in the iPad 3?  The new tech specs look amazing from an end user computing standpoint.  Retina display looks killer but so what? There are many Android devices and one Kindle that have killer hardware.  It's always been my position that what makes the iPad great are the second two bullet points and make it the category leader for tablet computing.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the iPad and finally been able to replace my paper notebook collection with Dan Brickland's NoteTaker HD app. That app coupled with maybe a dozen others can get me through 80% of my computing needs.

The new hardware comes about one year after the release of the iPad 2. The upgrade is nice but what's the relevant difference in this release (note, release not just hardware).  Very little, I think.  This upgrade will be an enticement to those on the fence about a tablet or Android/Kindle fence sitters.

My $.02 is that Apple should wait to have relevant killer releases.  Maybe the next version should come with Siri or the touted Apple TV?

What do you think?