First Use of Constructive Disruption in the President's Re-election Bid

Presidential incumbents have the unenviable position of being just that.  All the sins of the past are placed at their feet.  It's up to them to reap what they have sown, good or bad. Their opponents are more than happy to help them.  With a high rate of unemployment, the Obama camp must employ some very creative tactics.

President Obama's re-election team made a move to polarize voting and supporting political action communities by supporting gay marriage. Whether position is due the President's deep morale stance or not isn't the point. It allows him to being polarizing support factions amongst political groups that want to be seen as open and continuing the support their candidates.

Support from the NAACP was critical and a good victory. NAACP has represented the mainstream black agenda for years in the US. They are now rallying behind the president and another important socio-politically active group. A domino effect will occur as others groups follow, the beauty of it is that it will become self-sustaining. The Obama camp will need to do nothing more to make wins.

Anyone who opposes it will have much explaining and have polarized other groups against them. Look for the President and his re-election committee to come out with polarizing statements on the visa issues, fiscal responsibilities of government lending (e.g., Student Loans, recent issues with JPMorgan), US foreign policy in Northern Asia and the Middle East.

As move closer to November 2012 look for more polarizing statements that drive opinions into the Obama camp.  Will the Romney camp follow suit or play it safe?