Fun Facts

A few interesting a fun facts about my life and career. I:

  • Have had an email account since 1982
  • Have emails and posts floating around the Internet as early as 1984
  • Authored a VI (pre-VIM!) guide in 1984 that is still in use today. The neat part is it was published online long before the web and is still out there
  • Have an UUCP style email address still floating around on the Internet
  • Have been doing GUI design since 1986
  • Helped debug the first C++ compiler
  • Created the first loyalty program for both Discover Card and The New York Times
  • Authored Motorola's first wireless ecommerce strategy back in 1997
  • At 19, installed the University of Chicago's first Sun network in 1983. I originally strung the cables down the halls with packing tape. The department chair bought me an industrial strength staple gun and made me re-string it ;)
  • Built a series of mobile apps starting in the late 1990's to support clinical trials
  • Have flown close to 4,000,000 air miles
  • Have done business in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa


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