carrotsMicrosoft is offering a $100 USD bounty on new software built for their App Store.  The details "Your app starts here" are pretty straight forward.  Developers can earn up to $2,000 for software placed into the Windows App Store.  App development is subject to the usual qualifications and restrictions but it gets the store populated and buzz going.  It might sound a bit like a desperate plea but I believe it's directionally a sound move for the (still) king of productivity applications. 

In 1972 Bob Woodward became a modern age confessor for a generation caught in the aftermath of an unpopular war and scandal in the highest elected office of the time.  Former Pope Benedict sacrificed his personal status to demonstrate his the higher purpose of the Catholic Church. Pledging "unconditional reverence and obedience" to an unknown as yet pontiff he has provided credibility to many scandal-ridden diocese around the world.  He has invoked one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century to empower the papacy, organizational management.

National Change Your Password Day. Every few months a well known site is hacked or suspected of being hacked.  Users scramble to remember and change passwords.  There is a lot of buzz and it all goes away until the next time.  For most people, passwords are the first and only line of defense for confidential information online.  Yet we don't take the care and time as we do to brush our teeth.  Security hygiene is just as important as dental hygiene.  If I can take time to write this 800+ word blog entry, you can take the the time to find a personally effective way to manage your passwords.  

In mythology, the Halcyon days referred to a limited period of peace and calm during winter.  Winter storms subside long enough for new life to be started and nurtured.  With a temporary agreement to pushback the inevitable conclusion of the fiscal cliff, America has the opportunity to reflect, plan and act.

Interesting infographic by Online Business Degree. The iPhone 5 while much anticipated didn't achieve the initial sales expected. No company or stock can go up and to right forever, though expectations for Apple are always high.

It's too easy to imagine your god having clay feet after one miss. Still the infographic points out some pretty sound fundamentals. Time will tell what happens after the release of their next innovation.

Last week Starbucks announced the acquisition of Teavana Holding Inc.  (“Starbucks Announces Agreement to Acquire Teavanato Globally Transform Tea Industry”) and the end of the current Food and Beverage industry. Teavana is a specialty Retailer that offers teas and tea-related merchandise.  This announcement is a death sentence for traditional food and beverage companies such as Kraft (Mondelez), PepsiCo, General Mills and Kellog.

Great follow up to Online and Uninvolved... courtesy of Compliance and Safety.  Look for Millennial involvement in all aspects of the workforce to increase.


The Chinese mobile market is a staggering 917 million subscribers.  688 million of which are on China Mobile’s network.  All mobile companies are state owned.  As a visitor to China I can attest to the even levels and high quality of service for the mobile networks.  The Chinese government has bet big on having state controlled infrastructure services and it may just be ready to pay off in a new way.

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Much has been said about the release of Apple’s iconic smartphone and iOS 6 upgrades.  More gadgetry and “must have” features but the one likely to increase the digital divide is going quietly unnoticed. Apple’s Passbook service is a kind of “digital locker” that stores virtual versions of coupons, tickets, loyalty cards and some documents hint at much more.

The perception that Millennials are uninvolved and the “slacker” generation is more generation gap than fact.  The inability for Boomers and Gen Xers to fully comprehend a generation that grew up online, multi-tasking, context switching and generating more political content than they consume is typical.  The previous generation always misses something about the new one.  What isn’t typical is just how wide that gap is in an election year.


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