Fortune 10 Global Retailer

Fortune 10 Global Retailer

Client Issue: 

A Fortune 10 global retailer wanted to streamline and consolidate the applications used for Merchandising. Client has a complex and large environment with over 100 applications used to maintain the largest set of retail merchandise.   End users were left with an extensive amount of duplicate entry, multiple versions of the "truth" and and increasing suport costs across applications.

Approach and Methodology: 

A senior team of retail, technical and user experience design experts were deployed to meet with business stakeholders. Through facilitated workshops and design sessions a redesigned Merchandising Architecture was developed.  Scorecards were developed to select an off the shelf retail package for pricing and assortment management.

What the Client Achieved: 

At the end of the engagement, the client received a reworked plan for their future Merchandising systems requirements and execution. This included:

  • An Architecture Roadmap, Blueprint, standards & patterns the foundation of its future state enterprise architecture.
  • A holistic Enterprise Viewpoint rather than a departmental view
  • A reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) arising from increased potential reuse of existing Services