Global Hardware Manufacturer

Global Hardware Manufacturer

Client Issue: 

Client is a multinational technology corporation that develops, manufactures, sells, and supports personal computers and other computer-related products.  CIO had mandated a 25% reduction in overall spend on IT support.  Cost overruns were due to non-sanction software and systems commissioned by the business.  Applications were not purchased or supported by IT leading to uncontrolled spend, business risk and undocumented systems.  Prior analysis efforts did not capture critical information or store them in a centralized repository.

Approach and Methodology: 

We collected and identified applications by functional area, cataloguing each with unique identifiers.  A series of automated surveys and one-on-one interviews were used.  Over 1,500 applications were eventually identified, more than twice the number captured in previous efforts. For each application we collected over 100 data attributes organized into large grained dimensions. These included:

  • Affinities - Technical and Functional
  • Cost - Licenses, support, hosting and development
  • Business Impact - Criticality to the business
  • Data and Process entities

The final deliverable was a comprehensive roadmap for rationalization, recovery (license, hardware, resources) and de-commissioning.

What the Client Achieved: 

  • More than 28% cost savings on support
  • Identification of non-PCI compliant applications
  • Reduction or elimination of unknown contractual or financial commitments outside the IT budget