Global Warehouse Retailer

Global Warehouse Retailer

Client Issue: 

Client operates membership warehouses that offer a selection of branded and private label products in a range of merchandise categories. They have both in-store and online sales channels. Client utilizes a third party vendor to manage their on-line photo services. Performance and scalability issues have arisen leading to questions of the viability of the current partnership. An assessment was needed to evaluate the vendor’s operational and technical ability to scale to support current and projected photo business

Approach and Methodology: 

We provided a multi-disciplined team to assess the vendor’s capabilities in the following four dimensions:

  • Technology
  • Financial Health
  • Process Maturity
  • Corporate Leadership

The definition of ‘parity’ was defined for each dimension and a scorecard methodology was used to evaluate the vendor above, at or below parity. We utilized one-on-one interviews and manual inspections of documentation and code reviews.   A report was developed to document our findings along with recommendations for mitigation of issues and risks in all dimensions

What the Client Achieved: 

  • “[Lawrence and his team] provided us with unbiased and accurate information that will enable us to develop a stronger and safer partnership with this vendor. The team was highly professional and able to deliver poignant recommendations based on detailed information.”
  • The client used the recommendations and priorities report to reinvent the partnership with the vendor
  • Subsequently we signed a new five year deal with the vendor because of confidence