Interim Executive Services


Executive Advisory

We introduce a broaden perspective to change that often comes from new technologies and processes. LERNER has worked with Boards, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, Presidents and all levels of management of companies from early stage to $8B in revenue. Leaders have enjoyed our no fluff and action oriented style. We deliver individual support, workshops and tangible artifacts the drive results quickly.

We help you grow by expanding perspectives, teaching you to drive innovation and deliverying excellence. Find unseen connections that to growth or transformation. Services include:

Assessments, Diagnostics and Design

We provide deep dives into business and IT issues. Our assessments help identify areas of strength and need. We provide you with plans, roadmaps and other artifacts that enables you to manage the outcomes in a way that are strategic to your business. Past work has demonstrated that we can improve processes, technology and alignment by 30% or more.

  • Organizational Design
  • Process Improvement
  • New Product or Service Introduction

Governance, Risk and Compliance

IT Security, data privacy, data handling and social media have become executive and board level agendas. A day does not go by when some breach of security isn’t made public. The cost and consequence to careers, share price and reputation are now into the billions of US dollars. 

  • HIPAA, PCI, General IT and Security Action Plans
  • Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Organizational Alignment for communications and sensitive issues

"Lawrence is one of the most strategic change agents I've worked with. His situational grasp and assessment of complex situations is immediate, and runs both broad and deep. His bandwidth is considerable; he at once is capable of drilling to the granular while maintaining laser focus and perspective on mission and vision"

Managing Partner, Denny Hill Capital

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Interim Executive

Companies engaging rapid growth or transformation have special characteristics. Investors and executives don't have the time in the current market to "figure" things out.  As an industry recognized leader LERNER can provide the bridge to the next level growth or opportunity while you focus on core operations.  We have deep expertise in Retail, Healthcare, High-Tech and Media/Entertainment. Over the years we've been fortunate to help grow some of the world's top brands while launching new products and services.

Contact us and we will double your Services revenue. 

Our depths of expertise comes from years of hands-on practical experience delivered on three continents. 

  • Global Head of Services for multi-billion dollar companies
  • Chief Marketing/Product Officer for social media and services companies
  • Board Member at PNI Digital Media, the leading innovator in online and in-store digital media solutions for retailers

"Lawrence is able to distill fact and opinion into an actionable plan that all parties to the process can understand and implement

CEO, BirdNest Services

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Interim CIO or CTO

Traditionally CIOs came from non-technical roles because other business executives wanted a peer who was an experienced negotiator for hardware and software contracts. Today's IT Executives are customer-centric. Finding the right one or occassionally for your first one is difficult. LERNER has the operation expertise of large scale organizations and systems. LERNER has designed, delivered and operate some of the most complex, highly scalable technical architecture in use today. 

You can expect:

  • An experienced leader who can take on day-to-day operations in a short time
  • Someone who can deep dive into People, Process and Technology needs
  • A collaborator that will instill organizational confidence in your IT department and technology platforms
  • Experience
    • Chief Technology Officer for more than half-dozen early stage and enterprise companies
    • Chief Architect for the next generation of Dun&Bradstreet's core product
    • Organizational specialist who has transformed the IT Organization for a $16B Consumer Goods manufacturer  

"LERNER was hired to help restructure our IT organization. This included internal processes, methodologies and roles for FTEs, including the establishment of an Enterprise Architecture service."

Director Kimberly-Clark

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