Jailbreaking the Internet: The Shape of Things to Come

Your father’s Internet of Things: The Internet fridge. Discuss… Image: anthonyjhicks/Flickr

Even today most home computers are not form-friendly devices. Cold, unyielding plastic or metal rectangular boxes lack the warmth of functional design. With the exception of Apple and a few manufacturers, most interior decorators would balk at putting PC in the living room. The form of the PC is a dinosaur in an urban jungle, poorly suited for survival.

Tablets are cited as the primary driver for the decline of legacy PC manufacturers (HP, Dell, Lenovo). PC Magazine reports, “The PC fights back: U.S. sales decline is slowing”, but I think it’s a sign of a market bottoming out. Apex predators in the new and widening ecosystem of devices are consuming the place of PCs and laptops. Legacy manufacturers must also evolve or die.