New Product or Service Introduction

When executives anticipate and want to solve tomorrow’s customer problems…today LERNER Consulting helps you launch new products or services 30% faster, and with less risk, via our four-step Constructive Disruption methodology. Executive clients remark at the speed of our ability to partner and quickly address your people, process and technology needs.

Our Constructive Disruption methodology is the path to measured change in a risk-managed environment. Disruption brings about required transformation in organizations that find the status quo isn’t enough. Constructive is the well-laid out journey to growth or change. Using our four-step process (Uncover->Examine->Prepare->Satisfy) we sift through your people, process and technology needs to enable the fast launch of an NPSI. Clients remark at the speed of our ability to:

  • Partner with them at both a strategic and tactical level (Defined and delivered the next generation of Dun & Bradstreet's core product)
  • Uncover and express their true needs in clear language (One page executive dashboard. 4,000+ views on LinkedIn)

  • Develop end-to-end solutions that keep them relevant (Defined and delivered the premier loyalty program for Safeway stores)

  • Deliver transformation in Business/IT processes and systems (Designed and completed end-to-end transformation of Kimberly-Clarke's IT organization.)

Over the last 20 years and in 100 cities around the globe, we’ve brought these disciplines to the world’s top brands. Ready to discuss how we can get you to the next level? Download our brochure



Expedited Product & Service Launches that Earn Customer Impact

 Uncover - What Customer problem are you solving?

Charged with growth and transformation, leaders partner with us to align, vision and identify new areas of opportunity that provide clear customer value (external or internal). In this phase we focus solely on defining the problem – as a clear and well-defined problem statement avoids rework and missed expectations downstream.

  • Workshops

  • Alignment

  • Vocabulary

  • Process Maps

Want to experience the same workshop process as Kimberly-Clark, Costco, Wal-Mart, Aviva and other category leaders? Click Here


Examine - What's the optimal solution you can deliver? 

Build upon your business strengths when defining a product or service solution. Once you have a vision and alignment, the development of a product/service requires multiple disciplines for success. Through identifying any gaps, we enable you to reduce the problem statement into basic elements. This produces a solution optimized around your People, Process and Technology.

  • Organize the elements

  • Test your assumptions

  • Identify the market


Prepare - What does your solution help clients achieve?

IT Strategy must pave the way for technology-enabled corporate growth and operational effectiveness.  In today’s New Normal, IT has evolved from infrastructure and support to a customer-facing enabler. We help you create and deliver the technical and process transformation outcomes that define your market relevancy.

  • Produce design artifacts and templates

  • Validate Organizational Design

  • Iterate and experiment


Satisfy - What do you need to bring your solution to market?

Skill vs. Will

Achieve market relevance via a predictive customer-value driven product-marketing strategy. We drive the co-creation of your value proposition in alignment with other business functions to achieve a quality product or service introduction… on Day 1.

  • Product Marketing

  • Training

  • Delivery Excellence