Whiteboard Workouts

If asked could you answer, in simple terms, the problem you solve for your clients? Our workshops enable business leaders to grow revenue by helping them focus the core strengths of their organization. We help you launch or improve products and services faster and with less risk. Our workshops (Whiteboard Workouts) bring a unique and broad perspective to problem solving for growth and transformation.

Business leaders have told us they love our engaging, interactive whiteboard sessions delivered in the context of their business. Engage LERNER when you want to:

  • Manage or improve revenue (Average of 35% topline growth)
    • Uncover the unseen or unasked questions prior to beginning a change journey
      • Example: Turnaround of a claims management company losing millions due to poorly written contracts, argumentative partners and technology challenges 
    • Move the needle on revenue
      • Example: Added 50% more new clients in one year, as recognized by the CEO of a fast growing outsourcing firm
  • Improve team collaboration/retention (Improve employee satisfaction; reduce attrition and improve productivity by 25%)
    • Create alignment within or across teams
      • Example: Developed the first ever customer facing data privacy policies for a global media company
    • Redefine processes to work in the New Normal
      • Example: For a top 3 personal health company - redefined global IT processes within six months
  • Enable business-aligned technology (Release new products in three to six months)
    • Develop new perspective on business aligned technology
      • Example: Created a "Business Partner" function to be accountable and responsible thus giving IT a "seat at the table"
    • Help business leaders understand the value technologists bring to the equation
      • Example: Launched a loyalty program for a media giant. First joint project between Business and IT in their 135 year history

Ready for a game changing workshop? 



"Lawrence was hired to help restructure our IT organization. This included internal processes, methodologies and roles for FTEs, including the establishment of an Enterprise Architecture service. Lawrence led a team of consultants to rapidly accomplish this complex change management for both of these assignments with very high quality deliverables. "

Director, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

"We were extremely pleased with the depth of technical expertise and innovation [Lawrence and his] consulting organization brought to us. The solution transformed our core product."

SVP and CIO Catalina Marketing

"Lawrence brought the perfect combination of technical expertise and business acumen to a defined need at Costco. He has both a broad and deep knowledge base that easily moves between technical and business processes."

Vice President Costco

Sample Subject Areas:

  • Beginning a New Product or Service Introduction (NPSI) - How to align your team
  • Enterprise Architecture - Technology Designed to Support Your Business Strategy
  • Reviewing or ensuring your HIPAA Compliance
  • Organizational Design - Building a modern, relevant business structure
  • Workshops for
    • Distressed Projects
    • Process Re-engineering
    • People/Culture issues
    • How to give a presentation
    • Change Management
  • Application Rationalization
    • Moving to the cloud
    • Sunsetting redundant applications
    • Candidate applications for Outsourcing

Sample Deliverables:

  • Business Assessments - Heat Maps
  • Process Catalogues (Levels 1 - 4)
  • Product Marketing
  • Organization Charts and Role Descriptions


  • 90-Minute Energizers – Excellent for large audiences 
  • Multi-week transformation/Process Mapping Sessions – Large group setting
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Small Group Executive Roundtable

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Whiteboard Workouts are the first step in our Constructive Disruption methodology (Uncover), refined over a dozen years, LERNER has enabled growth and transformation in the world’s top brands.  Sessions are conducted in your business/industry context with a familiar vocabulary and customized to uncover the needs of the organization.