Blog asks “Are the presidential debates like watching the Super Bowl?” That may have been true for a 70’s generation Archie Bunker but today’s Boomers, Gen X’ers, Millenials of all socio-economic status are; social, connected and have a voice.  Americans are not consuming political content they are creating it

The footprint and space experimentation in Retailers has expanded significantly over the last ten years.  Store spaces have become a more intimate experience with subtle lighting and assortments arranged by function (e.g., meals or activity (e.g., Running)) rather than product category.  Self-service kiosks have played a strong role in expanding product assortment due to enhanced functionality.  They also play a growing role in new product experimentation and freeing up shelf-space.  According to an IHL report, kiosk sales will exceed $1 trillion dollars in North America by 2015.

Much has been made of declining sales (“RIM’s BlackBerry price collapse”, “RIM’s Astounding collapse in the US”, the list goes on).  The company that has practically invented enterprise mobility has found itself along Palm.  Out-evolved by competitors in a market it once dominated, RIM’s BlackBerry platform and the company have one solid opportunity to make a comeback.  Get acquired.

Five words that point to a very helpful and generous purpose. Unfortunately, this was in response to my question of “What do people think of our brand?” It was a telling and all too familiar response to a basic question every brand owner should be asking every day.

People will look to find fault rather than constructive criticism.  In the corporate world, it’s too often the case we look for what’s broken, what can be criticized or what needs “fixing” vs. giving organizations credit for the things done well. 

As a transformation agent I am often brought into a company to create opportunity through change  (e.g., develop a new product, change the IT Department, create a new revenue channel).  Companies (people) often start from the premise that “everything is broken” or “we must start from the beginning.”

Presidential incumbents have the unenviable position of being just that.  All the sins of the past are placed at their feet.  It's up to them to reap what they have sown, good or bad. Their opponents are more than happy to help them.  With a high rate of unemployment, the Obama camp must employ some very creative tactics.

President Obama's re-election team made a move to polarize voting and supporting political action communities by supporting gay marriage. Whether position is due the President's deep morale stance or not isn't the point. It allows him to being polarizing support factions amongst political groups that want to be seen as open and continuing the support their candidates.

Go slow to go fast. Something Penney's new CEO might have considered when taking dramatic changes to regain Lasting Connections with customers.

Where's EDS?

Remember EDS?  They're the company that Ross Perot founded in 1962 and was acquired by General Motors and finally by HP.  Perot founded EDS on the premise that IBM and others weren't providing the types of consulting services along with the sales of computer the new world of electronic data systems required. 

Facebook with hundreds of millions of members is potentially the most diverse database of information on the planet today.  The company has the unique opportunity to mine petabytes of completely unique user data and information.  That data contains:

Are you SMART?

Every year millions of people receive performance appraisals and feedback on how they do their work. When that feedback is given there is always a question of relevancy. How do the Appraiser and the Appraisee know if they have the same goals in mind when when measuring performance?

If people were motors it would be easy. You could measure the number of times the person revolves per minute and make some other basic calculations. It would be simple, repeatable and easy to explain.

As we know people are not motors. There are complexities and subtleties in the way we work and interact with people, processes and technology. Creating a framework with a few simple dimensions allows both parties to have a simple dialogue and create a contract of understanding. We want everyone to become SMART.

SMART stands for:

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Apple has released the latest version of the killer tablet.  iPad has all the things that I say make it the killer device

  • Great Hardware
  • Strong Ecosystem
  • Strong Developer support

So what are we getting in the iPad 3?  The new tech specs look amazing from an end user computing standpoint.  Retina display looks killer but so what? There are many Android devices and one Kindle that have killer hardware.  It's always been my position that what makes the iPad great are the second two bullet points and make it the category leader for tablet computing.


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