The new normal for IT is a complex business aware and engaged organization.  Today's CIO will need to build relationships both internally and externally.  IT unlocks and defines a relevancy in a way that it was not previously empowered to do.  Much of that empowerment has been acquired or earned by a new generation of CIO actions.  The measure of their success will no longer counted in "days of system uptime" CIOs will need to achieve measurable business results.

This will be a series of articles related to the new normal for IT.  It's a mix of articles, surveys and social media postings meant to serve executives in the IT community.  It's also a good set of primers for non-IT execs to learn how their peers in IT have evolved into business roles.  Collaborations between Marketing and IT have become very powerful as an example.

The Enterprise Architect, and technical architects in general, have only been recently recognized by business.  This is much in the same as recognition for true technical roles themselves became recognized by within the enterprise not so long ago.  There is has been much debate over what the role of an Enterprise Architect (EA) is, their skills, where in the organization they should reside and what are the responsibilities.  I present for your consideration, my point of view on the Enterprise Architect.  It has evolved over the creation of three world class EA consulting organizations and implementation of the EA function in six of the world's top brands.

Cher Wang, Chairwoman of HTC said the company is considering the purchase of an operating system.  With Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility, partners are likely to be on the look out for other OS options.

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Rumor continue to swirl about Amazon's entry into the high-end tablet market with its latest Kindle release. No, I don't have one nor have I had a chance to play with it yet.  Yet I would urge the good folks at Amazon to let the Revolutionary Innovator see how far the device can be stretched :)

The next round in the tablet war was fired a bit more quietly than previous ones.  With Google's apparent purchased of Motorola Mobility, they are picking up the handset and tablet division of the former tech giant.

Previously I had declared "Xoom Dead on Arrival" for price and the lack of a strong ecosystem.  If Google intends to become a strong player in the hardware market, and thus take on Apple directly, they will need their own strong ecosystem.  It's been demonstrated that neither a superior OS (assume that they are out there) or better hardware brings the constructive disruption in the market seeks.

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Earlier this year I posted an article about Nokia's Astound handset.  I was not impressed with the execution or vision.  Now Nokia's handset division seems to be finally turning its full attention to their new Windows smartphone line.

Nokia has announced investment in a fund called Vision+. From their website, Vision+ focuses on the development and commercialization of products:

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Gamification is the use of game techniques to encourage audiences to adopt behaviors, generally, for consumer-oriented products or services. Audiences are becoming more broad everyday, the sponsor of the games become more diverse. Techniques used encourage audiences to adopt a behavior (keep playing to achieve some goal, try to have “more” than other competitors) are fun oriented and usually with a bit of competitive edge. Traditional examples include loyalty programs and have grown to include the use of mobile devices (e.g., “check ins” at your favorite restaurant to become the highest ranked player) and reward badges (icons associated with your login) for accomplishments.

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You've probably heard by now, Apple may be considering a bid for the Internet streaming site Hulu.

Founded in March 2007, Hulu is a company formed byNBCUniversal, News Corporation, The Walt Disney Company and Providence Equity Partners. The company has its own management team. Apple already has a strong media portfolio which is delivered via iTunes. Adding Hulu would increase that substantially. Hulu's owners are reportedly trying to sweeten the deal for potential buyers by adding some level of exclusivity of content.

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Google is silently launching what appears to be a unified search interface. Clicking on brings you to a plain page that reads "What do you love?" What do you love?Typing in a search term such as "Seattle" brings up a multitude of iGoogle like widget boxes.  Each one contains a search result from news, blogs, video (YouTube), Google Maps and more. The left hand side has a scroller matrix that gives you an idea of how many results in rows and columns you've received on that page.

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At today's Apple developer conference Steve Jobs will do the usual announcements of new products.  My instinct tells me this wil be more about services than products and have the usual Apple "polish" on them.  The star of this announcement (besides Steve Jobs' appearance while on medical leave) will be iCloud.  My prediction is that iCloud will be the new normal of killer services/products from Apple and here's why.


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