Funny title, you'd think with billions in revenue and a healthy bank account Microsoft was already the popular kid.  They are the kid you need but maybe not want to hang around with.

Nokia is making a move to revive its declining handset share.  For the first time, in a long time, Nokia is making an aggressive move in US markets. The Astound smartphone handset, available from T-Mobile, is priced at $79.99 USD.  It runs the legacy Symbian operating system and hosts a variety of snazzy features.  I've personally been a long time fan of Symbian based phones and prior to that the Psion devices that were powered by the predecessor operating system.

I won't run through all the features, you can see them here.  It has the usually wealth of PIM features and as with all Nokia devices, probably has astounding ;) battery life.

But is any of that really enough?

At $600 for wifi and $800 for 3G (read 3 G not 4 G) Motorola has probably priced itself out of the market. The iPad is about $100 less and has a mature market for third party add ons and apps already. While there are many features in Android 3.0 and added hardware (front and rear facing cameras) that the iPad doesn't have today, I just don't see it.

Apple has created or revitalized a true market for tablets. That is clear. By doing a good job, they've (Apple) opened the way for competitors to either enlarge or take share away from the market. Competition drives innovation and there's always room for growth in this market (it will start to eat away at the PC market ;)).

For Motorola or any other tablet maker to compete, they need to develop and nurture a strong eco-system. More to come...

Facebook has once again revised its privacy policy. The announcement on Friday, January 14, 2011 was made in a quiet fashion on the development blog  Generally this is a page that only developers will review.

What does this mean to you? Your contact information information in the form of address and mobile phone number are now available to third parties, when you accept an app. A great hue and cry has gone out (again) regarding Facebook's notions of privacy. Was the manner in which this was

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There’s always room to grow. For all companies there’s room for transformation, and always room for growth. Revolutionary innovation is the framework for stretching the perspective of what is possible in order to uncover new, measurable and sustainable ways to provide value. More than finding merely unnoticed intersections, the end result of revolutionary innovation is the creation of opportunities where none were previously seen.

And because its goal is to transform an organization with best-in-breed solutions, revolutionary innovation works in all business environments.
When I was growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I found an abandoned public telephone in front of my apartment building one morning. It must have fallen off a repair truck.

Does the Mac App store change the game for the desktop? As more enterprises allow more "personal" devices inside the firewall are we going to see a big shift for the enterprise?

Your thoughts?

Facebook and Google Traffic from Alexa 03-24-2010

The trend continues...

The snake dance of Google and Facebook is not so much about Internet supremacy. It is a clear signal that a change has come to the way we experience each other and the lives of those around us be it digital in "real-life."

Just as search became part of our lives (digital or otherwise) the ability to more easily and economically stay in touch has as well.

What do you think?

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During the week of March 13th 2010 Facebook surpassed Google as the most visited site in North America.  A remarkable accomplishment given the number of searches and the utility features (search only) that the Google search engine provides.

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Why a policy?  Your staff are blogging, tweeting and posting on-line already.  Think not? Search for your company on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Look at the demographics and make up of your company.   The majority of Millenials are using social media in one form or another today.  Social Media influences and drives your business (good or bad) every day whether you know it or not.  Take this opportunity to direct it.  However this is not about control.  In fact the more you try to control it, the less influence you will have and the more likely you will encourage people to vent in public.

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We had a great dinner with pineapple mojitos last night at Zocalo here in Chicago..  After a bit of tinkering here is a very good replication.

  • Six fresh mint leaves
  • One small lime, washed and quartered
  • Six to eight chunks of fresh pineapple
  • Equal parts (2 oz)
    • Pineapple rum
    • Pineapple juice
    • Seltzer water

Muddle the mint, lime and pineapple chunks.  Don't overdue the muddling.  Mix in rum, juice and seltzer. Add ice and serve!

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